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What is in the Renovation Contract?

A contract legally binds the client and the service provider you hire to do your renovations. In each contract, the duties, roles and responsibilities of the parties involved are tracked and enforced to establish how they work together and it protects both parties together. A contract is the best way to secure yourself and make sure that everything is delivered - as a matter of fact it is valuable to professional services.

What goes in the contract?

Every contract is made as per the business and industry requirements. However the basic information in the renovation contract includes the following:

  1. Name, Business Details (phone number, address, license)

  2. Scope of Work - This area displays the details of the work that needs to be done in a detailed manner. All services that are charged for are mentioned here whether hourly or at fixed term.

  3. Timing - The dates included in the contract are the best estimate when the project begins and ends. Large projects are done in multiple stages/phases to maintain a timeline. Any addition to the scope of work will change the order of completion of the renovation and may effect the timing of the overall project.

  4. Fees and terms of Payment - The service fee that agreed upon, either hourly or a fixed term will be mentioned here and will include the payment terms. Most renovators charge a fee and then allow the client to pay in phases.

  5. Changes in Work/Change Order - As mentioned in scope of work, if the client decides to make changes in the current set of work for eg: the client decided to now change the flooring of the existing washroom, which was not a part of the scope of work - a change order will be released with a new timeline and updated payments.

  6. Standard of Work - Depending on who the contract is built with, the contract will have these terms. For eg: an interior designer's contract is limited to this term.

  7. Dispute Resolution - Communication is the key to solve most disputes. However, in some cases things do not settle down. It is a good idea to have a decision in advance so it can be handled smoothly in future.

  8. Refunds and Cancellations - Custom services provided by interior designers specifically use this in their contracts. Clients who do custom builds or custom fabrics, or order furniture etc. will find this term in their contract.

  9. Photographs - The renovation team works hard to get you your dream space. They ask you for permission to click pictures of their work for their business.

  10. Termination - In some cases when the client decides to terminate the services of the renovator, the terms here specify what are the conditions that will need to be met in order to do so.

Contracts are everywhere. We sign contracts everyday with any service provider, most of the time without even reading the terms. But when it comes to renovations, I strongly advice have your say! Keep your eyes on the scope of work and work with your renovators - after all the goal is to get you your space and your money's worth!

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