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Concepts & Space Planning

interior designer for small spaces

A strange and unconventional floor plan? Having difficulty in visualizing the space? Want that huge sofa but don't know if it fits? Are you uncertain of how many pieces would fit in your space?.... This package is for you.

We begin by brainstorming about the physical space and how best to organize it. We work with the components necessary to satisfy your needs and begin layering in the elements needed to elevate the space to the finished product. 

Inspiration is gathered from photographs, magazines, the outdoors, our clients’ treasures and our clients themselves. We take all of these elements and develop a design that will achieve the your vision and taste.

The most crucial part of any design initiative, the floor plan, is the first item we aggressively work to perfection. This small drafted piece of paper is the key to a successful space. From room divisions to flooring direction, adjustments of the existing layout, furniture sizing and placement, it becomes the legend that makes everything work.

Let me know your design dilemmas and through a drawing of up to scale, we can help you visualize your room with different options. I will provide you with two suggestions to make sure you can have the best use of your space with an easy flow.


  • Discovery Call - Book a Discovery Call with us to decide if your project is a good fit.

This service starts at $795.00 per room (Depending on size of the room)

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