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8 Interior Décor Tips for Small Spaces

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Small spaces deserve the biggest and the smart decorating tips. Try these strategies to give small rooms a real boost.

Think big

Instead of hanging a lot of little artwork, go for one large statement piece. Whether you decide the focal point is above the sofa, over the bed, or next to your favorite buffet, this artwork will work wonders.

Take advantage of height

Dress up your windows with beautiful drapes long enough to mount to the ceiling. They will make the room feel grand.

Be smart about furniture

Dining chairs with high back and arms when replaced with bulky side-chair, take a lot lesser space in the living room. They are visually appealing, and function just well for a side-chair.

Skip the usual coffee table

Opt for a multifunctional coffee table with a storage option, with a lift top that can convert into a laptop table or an occasional eating table.

Define your Space

Use a big size rug to create an illusion of open space, mainly in the living room. Having several small rugs creates division and only makes it look more compact.

Use every nook and corner

Maximize the use of every bend in the space. Try to create an eye-catchy and appealing yet funky storage solution.

Add warm color palettes

True that! Not all walls need to be white or light colors. Dark colors create depth, bring coziness and add more dimension.

Use natural light better

Natural light is the best for small spaces. Use a big mirror to reflect that beautiful light to brighten up the house. Don't forget to install blinds that allow daylight to pass through or simply use sheer curtains.


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