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Designer For a Day

get a design consultation online

The Designer for a Day service is ideal for those who want professional advice and guidance without a long-term commitment.   This unique 4-hour, one-on-one intensive consultation gives you direct access to professional design expertise.  It’s your choice what we spend time working on. During this information-packed design session, I'll tackle with your design projects .


Make a list, collect photos and prepare,  so you can make the most of your consult day.

We will hone in on your most pressing needs so you come away with a wealth of valuable information and clear direction on next steps.


Collaboration with an interior designer has never been easier.

We will discuss:

  • What you would like to accomplish in your space.

  • What you already own and how it fits into your vision for the space.

  • What you need to purchase and how to avoid making mistakes.

  • Colors, materials, décor

  • Furniture layout and flow

  • An in-home consultation to listen to your design challenges and desires for your space.  You can ask questions and seek advice regarding furniture selections and arrangements, lighting, paint color, and other recommendations.

  • Professional design advice that will improve and refresh your space.

  • Preparation of a detailed summary of Design Notes and specific recommendations that may be implemented on your timeline and budget. These will be sent to you within 48 hours of the consultation.

This service costs a flat fee of $450.00.  
*Must schedule an Initial Consultation at your home beforehand (Price not included)
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